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Everyone has a value, a worth, an inner beauty, and a story.  Every story is uniqe, each individual smile is contagious, and everyone is wholeheartedly loved like no other.  No matter what chapter of life anyone is experiencing, their best and brightest moments deserve to be remembered and cherished for generations.  I am here to capture that for the world.  Thank you for visiting, feel free to wander around my website and enjoy.

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FEATURED | tiffany + hong

Hong and Tiffany's love story began when they met on July 3rd 2004.  They say they knew right away that they had found something special.  The date held immense meaning for the couple for that very reason and on the same day in 2014, Hong asked Tiffany to be his forever.  Two years later to the day, on what they now call their "never ending date", and 12 years after meeting, the couple tied the knot at the beautiful Blackhawk Country Club in Danville, California.  #TiffnHongFinally